Can You Cut LED Lights?
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Can You Cut LED Lights?

Can I cut LED light strips?

You can cut LED lights with the correct LED light strip model. If your light strip has a cut line mark, it is safe to cut and use it.

However, the answer is difficult as it depends on the brand and specific product part number.

But fortunately, most LED light strip brands will be cut, and the components to make a new connection will be purchased.  

Where to Cut an LED Strip

It is important to cut them in the right place to ensure that they work properly. LED strips are made up of multiple individual circuits. The nominated cut lines mark the end of one circuit and the beginning of another.

Therefore, you must cut along these lines, which are normally between copper dots.

Cutting and Reusing Hue Lightstrips

Hue Lightstrips
Hue Lightstrips

You can reuse the cut-off piece of a LED light strip, especially with the Hue light strip V4. It has a connector to reuse cut parts with other Hue light strips.

Hence, the leftover pieces can’t be wasted, and you will further customize the placement of your LED strips.

How to Bend An LED Strip

LED light strips are designed to bend easily. Thus, there are two options to curve your light strip around surfaces.

Bending an LED Strip Directly

The simplest way is to bend your LED strip directly, but remember to bend on the designated cut lines to avoid damaging the strip light. Among the best strip, Hue light strips are the best, which will provide you with clear-cut lines and help you to bend them properly.

Use a Connector to Bend Your Light Strip 90 Degrees

You can use a corner connector when you want your strip light to go around a right-angle corner, like in line with the stairs.

Corner connectors are L-shaped and allow you to connect two LED strips easily. It gives a better overall finish as compared to bend strip lights around right-angle corners directly.

How to Cut LED Strip Lights

Make sure to bring a strip that can be cut. Otherwise, cutting the light strip will render it unusable. Meanwhile, it would be best if you remembered to disconnect the power.  

1.     Measure The Length of LEDs

Length of LEDs
Length of LEDs

Though LEDs come with 1 long strip. You can cut it easily but at specific points to work it properly.

 First, you must know how long your LED strip needs before cutting off any lights. Hence, you need a foot, a meter, or any other length. 

2.     Find The Cut Line on the LED

The Cut Line on the LED
The Cut Line on the LED

First, you must look at a pair of copper dots on the back of the LED strip. The copper dots tell us where each light connects to the next one on the strip.

 You can see a dotted cut line running between the copper dots. Choose the line that is closest to the LED length you measured earlier.

That line is the only place you can safely cut the LEDs. Otherwise, if you cut anywhere else, the LEDs won’t work.

3.     Cut the Strip With Scissors

Strip With Scissors
Strip With Scissors

Hold the light strip and cut the dotted line with scissors. It would be best if you cut it between the copper dots. Line up the cut carefully to avoid damaging the LEDs. 

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