Among Us Hack: All You Need to Know (Proven effective Cheats)
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Among Us Hack: All You Need to Know (Proven effective Cheats)

Are you a hardcore gamer? With a special interest in social deception games? If yes, then Among Us is for you, with its Among Us hack.

Confused about what social deduction games are? They are known as games where you have to guess other players’ true motives or in other words, allegiance.

Surely you want to TOP in these games, in this case, Among Us. So, as we tell you in the introduction line, we have curated a list of Among Us hacks that will boost your performance as well as rank.

While everybody wants a level-playing field there; it is a dog-eat-dog game. So, better prepared for all the tricks to get to the top spot.

What is Among Us Anyway?

Developed by Inner sloth LLC. Among Us is one of the best role-playing games out there. Its popularity shot up in recent years, thanks to the pandemic.

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The global craze about the game is related to its unique gameplay.

The gameplay of Among Us

The gameplay of Among Us is fairly simple but interesting. The story starts on a spaceship. Where a space shuttle has to build by the astronauts or better known as Crewmates.

But here is the catch: Not everyone on the spaceships is an ASTRONAUT.

Which led us to the interesting part of the game: Imposters.

Who are they and what do they do?

These questions surely are going on in your mind. So, we will be going to divide these two to explain their purpose.

Crewmates—Protagonists of Among Us

  • They are the astronauts on a space shuttle
  • Their mission is to fix the ship to departure
  • These crewmates are given certain tasks to win the game
  • Those tasks are: Clear 02 Filter and Fix Weather Node
  • The former is easier to do while the latter task requires bit steps
  • Locate the Imposters by discussing with other crewmates
  • Weed out the Imposters for good
  • Importantly: Not to get killed by an IMPOSTER

Imposters—the Infamous players of Among Us

  • Imposters are the ones who kill crewmates
  • Their sole task is to disturb the development of the space shuttle from whatever means
  • They mixed into the crewmates to get closer to them for kills
  • Manipulate the crewmates to avoid their suspicions.

How Are These Two Going to Win?

  • The Crewmates have to complete all the tasks
  • While imposters have to kill or evade the imposters

Here’s where you come. You can either be placed in crewmates or imposters. Now it is time for the Among Us Hack to help you WIN the game, in any case.

Getting into Among Us Hack

Before getting down into the list Among Us hack. You must know the difference between the two modes.

  • Single-Player Mode
  • Multi-Player Mode

In Single Player mode (Free play) it is easier to use the Among Us hack in this mode. But on other hand, in multi-player mode, it is a bit difficult. Due to in the Among Us multi-player mode, a host calls the shot.

The Among Us Mode APK allows the players to cheat the game undetected. Sounds cool! The hacks in it are:

Imposter Hack

This hack is known as ‘Always Imposter’ allows the imposter to finishes off the crewmate in a blink of an eye. It will help you as an imposter to force your rivals such as crewmates to quit.

Swift Kill

In this, Among Us hack, it is called ‘instant kill’, in which you can knock off your enemies in a jiff. Also, the hack is not detected by the game, easily.


Wallhack is the most searched hack Among Us. This hack enables you to check the location of players and ghosts alike. There is a slight possibility of getting detected in Wallhack, however, the hack enables you to go through the walls.

Super Eye

The hack lets you to the unseeable areas or areas where there is not much to light. So, Super Eye helps you with what is near you. With this hack, you can easily access the instant kill hack. Plus, with Super Eye, no one cannot hide from you.

No Kill Cooldown Hack

Want to obliterate your enemies in Among Us? Try the ‘no-kill cooldown’ hack which makes your enemies go ‘poof’. Not only kills, but they also increase your points dramatically. But this hack can be easily detected. So, use it at your own risk.

Ghost Hack

Using Ghost Hack will enable you to locate the ghosts. This will give you the power to find the unseeable: Ghosts. Ghost hack also lets you see the conversations of ghosts or chats. Plus, it is the best Among Us hack MOD Apk.

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